A new blog for a new year!

1 Jan 2024 | Blog, Webby Stuff | 0 comments

An water-colour style illustration of an orange cat sitting at a laptop, with latte and a dream!

The first blog I made was circa about 2006 on blogger. It was focused on elearning and Web 2.0, and it helped me create a whole new network that led to all sorts of opportunities and lots of learning. Those were the days!

Since creating and then abandoning that first site, I’ve blogged to promote various projects, written blogs for clients, used blogging tools to create learning resources and supported blogging platforms for students and academics. But I’ve forgotten to blog just for me.

So, it’s time to reclaim that space again. Inspired by all the discussion about the enshittificaton of big platforms, I’ve decided to go DIY again and see what happens. Some of it will probably be silly, there will be screaming about Kpop, books, recipes, memes and whatever else I feel like writing about. Hopefully some of it will be useful too!


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