New Year #Hashtag Joy

4 Jan 2024 | Fediverse, Hashtag Games | 0 comments

One of the lovely things about the music community in the Fediverse is the musical #hashtag games we play each week, led by various people from across the genres. You can check out a list of all the hashtags in use here.

One of my favourites is the #ThursdayFiveList coordinated by @Neurothing because it brings together such a wide range of people and music, and it’s so interesting to see a collection of songs on each theme and how people go there.

This week’s theme is #TheNewBeginning, and I thought it’d be fun to share the tracks I chose to start the 2024 list of ‘fives’.

1. j-hope – FUTURE

.. heading into the future with hope, gratitude and Hobi! .. onstage at the Mama awards in 2022!

2. RM – ‘No.2 (with Park Ji-yoon)’

.. looking forward instead of dwelling on the past

3. Crush (크러쉬) – ‘New Day’

.. Living another new day without regrets

4. Hoody – Adios (feat. GRAY)

.. “Woo, from this tedious cycle I escape to find the freedom I forgot about”

5. NCT Dream – Hello Future

. ‘We’re on the way up!’

What tracks are helping you think about New Beginnings?


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